• A Web Consultant is an adviser that becomes a trusted partner. A consultant is interested in your success and is willing to say “no!” about something.
  • Web Developers are technicians that follow your instructions. They may offers ideas, but generally only in the context of the area where they’re working.


We are Web Consultants!

We want to work with you. Our first conversation begins with discovery. The first two questions are:

  1. What is your vision for your web presence?
  2. How do we measure if we are successful?


A Better Computer, Inc., brings a unique blend of skills to your organization:

  • Marketing
  • Web development (web sites, SEO, social media)
  • Business (revenue, expenses)
  • Office technology


The movie Field of Dreams suggests that “if you build it, they will come.”  Every entrepreneur knows how hollow that is. Marketing involves identifying your customer and putting your message in front of them.

Internet & Web Development

Today, most marketing is done on the Internet. A business must have their website as an anchor, then use social media to drive customers to their site.


Without revenue there is no business. “Profit” is the difference between revenue and the cost of creating that revenue, and a business without profit will die. You have to deliver on what you sold, whether it’s a service or a product. We share those challenges because we are a business, too! We absolutely understand the “bottom line.”

Office Technology

Your “office” may be only the one laptop that you take to London or Bali, or you may have a full-blown office with a staff and multiple computers. You need asset management, risk control, and training.

Where do we start?

We talk ~ (actually, YOU talk and we listen) ~ about what you want and need for your business.

Please reach out to us by phone or mail. We return phone calls  to (727) 386 – 8602 within 4 hours. The email form allows you to provide more background information: