We provide one-on-one help. We’re big fans of do-it-yourself, and that’s the direction we try to go.

We charge $56 per hour (or portion of an hour), and we have a 1-hour minimum.


You can arrange for WordPress lessons from me through for $40 per 30-minute session. This provides a formal, structured environment.

Domain Registration:

We are a domain registrar. We have our own storefront at! We primarily provide this as a service to our customers. (Domains are a commodity today, like milk. Does it matter where you buy your milk?) Shop for your domain registration the same way: convenience and price.

Our domain prices are on par with the other guys, but you’ll find our domain add-ons cost significantly less.

Web Hosting:

When you are at our storefront at you can sign up for shared web hosting. If you do any comparison shopping then you’ll find we offer a competitive price. You can also register a domain through us there, too, but we recommend going to NameCheap.


We Appreciate Your Business!