This is really a basic, DIY, personal page or a beginner’s business page.

Analogy: if this were a restaurant, well, it’s not. This is comparable to you setting up a food cart on the sidewalk. You are delivering food to customers! We’ll get the paperwork and set up the “cart”, and it will still be up to you to stock it with the food you want to deliver. But that’s the fun part, anyway: for you, for your product, and for your customer.

We’ll register a domain name, then point it to a free Google blog service. If you have doubts whether you can personalize it, just look at this site ( You can change pretty much everything: colors, fonts, background image, etc.

The important stuff for you is near the bottom of this page where “Your Turn” begins, but the steps are shown in the order we have to go through to get there.

First, Our Turn: Set up

Domain name…

You get a basic domain name, free for the first year, and ownership is registered in your name. After the first year your renewal cost should be around $15/year, more or less. We’ll help you pick out a good name.

Privacy Protection…

Your domain name comes with free privacy protection. Beginning in the 2nd year, your cost for the privacy protection part will be around $3/yr.

Domain Dashboard…

You’ll get your own account and password, and full access to your Domain name. You can use this to acquire more domain names.


Yes, you get email!  You have two options: [1] Set up a new email account for your business or [2] Set up email addresses and have the messages sent to the email mailbox you are already using. Regardless of the option you choose, you can begin using your new email address right away on your business cards and other printed material. Connection…

Google offers a blog site – for free. No monthly or annual fees for this. This means that your only on-going expense is your domain renewal, which should run around $15/year. (Yes, Virginia, you can pay more than one year in advance!)

Social Media Links…

We  will create links using your new domain to your pages at Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Next, Your Turn: Content

This is the important stuff for you that I mentioned at the top of this page.

Now that all the background work has been done, we need to know what you want to put on your website! Pretty much everything after this is marketing, rather than technical support.

Home Page

This is the page everyone sees the first time they get to your site. You can update this at any time, yourself, using online word-processing tools.

About Us Page

This is for your company information, including a contact-us form.


Here you will see links your Social Media pages, so this one website is all that you need to put on your business cards and other printed materials!