I like to use analogies to explain how to use the Internet, and one of my favorites is delivering food to a customer. readmore  I hope you’ll take the time to read about it, because it will help you understand what follows.

Hot Dog Cart

We can get you into the Internet equivalent of a food vending cart  for $99. The advantage to this is that you have really low cost. Yes, you have to get all the licenses and permits, but you don’t have to pay rent or utilities. Setup and cleanup are fast.readmore

Indoor Dining

Moving your food service indoors is more challenging, and expensive. You’ll also need real estate, doors, tables, a kitchen, and interior decorating. Our Internet equivalent begins at $499. readmore

What’s next?

When you’re ready to begin, create your free account at our domain hosting site. Any work we do in your behalf will be done there, so you will have control of your web “stuff” from the get-go. We will eventually use that account to bill you.

Finally, drop us an email telling us that you’d like a free consultation. We’ll arrange a time when we can meet in person or online.