Have you dined out, lately?

One of my favorite analogies is to compare how your Internet web page works like a restaurant. That’s an experience that most of us have shared – or can imagine.


[Restaurant] The end goal of a restaurant is to serve prepared food to a diner, then put their money in the cash register. [Internet] The goal of a web page is to present information to a viewer, and for a business, to create/record a sale.


[Restaurant] Food can be served from somewhere as simple as a sidewalk hot-dog cart or from a setting as elaborate as subdued lighting, white table clothes, and live music playing soft background music. [Internet] Your presence on the Internet could be a simple 1-page on-line brochure or an online super store.

In either case, your customers don’t see that most of the work is behind the scenes!  Nor do they care as long as their needs are met.


[Restaurant] Before you begin you have to get the appropriate business licenses and business forms. Your Articles of Incorporation are important, but they don’t have anything to do with your actual business. [Internet] You have to register a domain name, but once you register it, it’s yours and no one else in the whole world can use it. But, your domain name (like a business license) doesn’t get you a website. Another domain-name comparison is the license tag for your car. It doesn’t get you the car, but it is unique in the whole world.

Real Estate

[Restaurant] If you’re going to serve food, then you need a piece of real estate to park your venture. It could be a free patch of sidewalk for a hot dog cart, or a whole city block if you’re that ambitious. Remember, your business license doesn’t come with real estate.  [Internet] Your Internet real estate is called “web hosting.” It does not automatically come with your domain name. Some times web hosting and domain name registration are bundled together, but they are always separate transactions.


[Restaurant] Once you have your real estate, you have to do something with it. If you have a piece of sidewalk, then you still need to arrange for the vending cart. If you have a piece of ground, then you’ll still need a building.  [Internet] On the Internet, the easiest way to get your building is to install a content management system (CMS). One of the most popular combinations is cPanel and WordPress. CPanel basically gives you the shell of the building plumbed for utilities, and WordPress puts up the walls and doors.

…to be continued..

Your take-away so far should be that Domains, Webhosting, and WordPress are all required and all sold separately. While they are interdependent, each does something different.

I still need to discuss WordPress themes and WordPress widgets.  The former is comparable to ordering a building with pre-built tables/chairs or counters/stools. WIdgets is like all the stuff beyond tables/chairs (your mop & vacuum and menus and condiments).



[Restaurant] [Internet]


[Restaurant] [Internet]