Help With The Page You Already Have

Yes, It’s Complicated…

image showing puzzle parts

Building your website is like a putting together a 1,000-piece picture puzzle ~ without having the box cover to guide you. In fact, the picture may exist only in your head and may change day-to-day.

Have you heard the phrase “been there, done that?” That’s us. We’ve assembled hundreds of websites. We will be a steady hand as we move forward together. That’s the collective “we:” you and us moving forwarded together.

Let us know why you’re reaching out. Maybe you’ve realized this DIY project is more challenging than you thought. Perhaps your Internet Guy (or Internet Girl) is under-performing, or has even disappeared completely.

Drop us a note, and we can talk about it.

Eventually, we can meet online. If you’re in the Tampa area, then we can meet in person. Our desk-side service area is Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

Your Expectations

Please be prepared to answer these questions when we talk:

  • Why you’re reaching out to us (lost your Internet Guy?)
  • How much help you expect from us:
    • Are you looking for a few answers about techniques?
    • Do you want us to take over all the work?
  • What is your website like today? (Is it out of date? not working? )


Password/Account Inventory

One of the first things we’re going to ask is whether you have all your login ids and passwords. This is a really big deal! readmore You don’t need to give them to us, but we want reassurance that you can get your hands on them. If not, then that will probably be our first task together.

Contact us! Go Button Please include the URL to your website in your email.