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Rick Jaggers

Rick Jaggers’ career as a computer systems  engineer spans over 25 years, when he was working as a contractor for the U. S. Government.

“name”: “Rick Jaggers”,
“title”: “Consultant”,

He had a Top Secret Clearance and all that. It lapsed when he left government service.

He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, about 1990. Ten years later he moved to Key West, Florida, and a year later (2003) he moved to the Tampa Bay area.

The tasks that Rick performed for the government mirror almost anything you will need to do:

  • Define requirements – helped the customer figure out what they wanted to turn over to a computer.
  • Select software – figure out what software they needed, and then help buy it or decide write it in house. Rick’s early specialty was data warehousing.
  • Select the computer – this is a purchasing process, and Rick advised the customer about buying the right hardware: PC, Apple, Unix/Linux.
  • Physically install the systems and connect them to a network – this was necessary whether it was a desktop computer or a server in the server room.
  • Load and configure the software – computers are pretty useless right out of the box, even today.
  • Teach the user – Rick has provided desk-side training and set up classroom courses.

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