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A Brief History of A Better Computer, Inc.


A Better Computer was first incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1991. Ten years later we moved to Key West, Florida, and a year later (2003) we moved to the Tampa Bay area. These moves paralleled Rick Jaggers’ career as a computer systems  engineer.

We discovered the Internet in 1993, and shortly thereafter we ran web servers out of the basement.

What a decade that was! We selected and purchased the computers, set up a local network and installed the software. We connected the local network the the Internet and began “the good fight.” We developed web pages and ran list servers (email mailing lists).

We’ve done it all. And we can still probably do most of it!

Presently we are selling services online and occasionally we provide service at customer locations. (Uh… that’s another way of saying we come to you!)

By the way, we do not have a retail outlet, and we do not sell “things.”


A Better Computer, Inc
PO Box 8
Safety Harbor, FL 34695-0008

Please make checks payable to:
A Better Computer, Inc” and mail to the PO Box
If you prefer to use PayPal, please use this address there:
PayPal -at- ABetterComputerInc -dot- com

FEDEX & UPS Deliveries
A Better Computer, Inc
303 Main Street, Number 8
Safety Harbor, FL 3469

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