When you get a business license, you only a have name to go with your idea. You still need some real estate, and then you’ll have to decorate it.  Even if it’s only a desk in your home.

Once you have your domain name you need someplace to “host” your website, and then you have to set it up. The analogy actually works pretty well:

  • Business Licenses ~~~ Store Front ~~~ Decorating
  • Domain Name ~~~ Hosting ~~~ Web design
  • (Pay Annually) ~~~ (Pay Rent) ~~~ Roll up your sleeves or hire it out

A Better Computer has partnered with Go-Daddy as a hosting reseller! That will allow you to do business with us and still have all the resources of a major Internet provider.

  • Hosting plans start as low a $6.99 a month.
  • You can also register your domain there, too.

Our Go-Daddy storefront is at www.ABCInc-Hosting.com.

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If you don’t have a hosting account with us, select “Create Account” when you get there. You can create your account without any further obligation if you just want to explore your options:Add Hosting Account